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Scott Bailye - Artistic Director

Scott Bailye - Artistic Director

My creativity allows me to stretch and test myself with new challenges on a daily basis. I have natural flair and an ability to adapt to my surroundings; be it in the salon or on stage - I love interacting with people and making them feel good about themselves!

 Scott Bailye Hairdressing 

Artistic Team

“It is imperative for a salon to have a positive atmosphere with professional staff that are focused on providing a high quality service as well as excellent customer relations.


At Scott Bailye Hairdressing I have surrounded myself with a team of talented, like minded stylists that I know will deliver this high quality service as well as hair cuts that are second to none, ultimately leaving smiles on our customers’ faces with hair to die for.”

  Scott Bailye

Artistic Director Scott Baily Hairdressing Ltd



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